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nicole. >>> chris brown, well, no he caught a big break. yes. good lawyer and maybe, you know, a beautiful smile. he probably went back to the -- remember when he was a double dint kid and he was no nice and fresh years ago? that's probably the chris he gave to the judge. the assault charges for chris for allegedly punching a man in the face were reduced from floep to misdemeanor. he pled not guilty. look, it's one of the robertson's from duck dynasty. he's scheduled to return to court on november 25th. something has got to be done with chris brown. reich somebody really does need to -- okay. so he was facing four years in jail and now it's alleged that he's facing maybe six months in jail. i don't know that it's jail for him. he needs a mental evaluation or something. you can't just -- you cannot just -- he needs to be taught that you cannot just go around in life beating the stew out of women, punching people in the face outside a d.c. hotel, throwing a chair out the window at "good morning america" that could have landed on anyone on the sidewalk. he's got to learn, you can
and applause ] doing okay. you know you've already heard chris brown was arrested for assault. last time i checked he's still in jail waiting to see the judge too. julianna huff came under fire after her pal wean costume. and, of course, nene and gregg got married last night on "i dream of nene." [ cheers and applause ] >> wendy: thank you. thank you. yeah. well, today is the kick-off of thanksgiving with wendy. it's our thanksgiving with wendy, watch and win sweepstakes. i started without you all. i heard you. i love you too. watch and win sweepstakes are on beginning today. if you win then we'll fly you and a friend to new york city. you get vip tickets for the show and we'll share a special holiday meal together. for me personally thanksgiving is not my favorite meal. so i haven't decided where we're going to eat but wherever it is i want to be sure that it's anything but thanksgiving food. but really good food. i would like to have some ribs. like food, food, comfort food just not thanksgiving food. we'll share a meal and have kitchen table talk. what we're looking for is the word of t
for the first time. >> i heard that. how did you do that? >> wendy: they were dlibs. i browned them in the pot and cooked them all day. >> you brown them and braise them all day. >> wendy: two things i said i wouldn't eat on tv and ribs wasn't one of them, fried chicken and watermelon. so if you see me eat ribs today, ribs were not on the wendy won't eat on tv list. >> i would hope you would eat anything i make for you. i would like to be the exception. >> wendy: do you know how to make crow? >> no. you made a joke? >> wendy: i made myself a bet, i may have to eat crow ontv. why are you making this in the oven? >> tell me what happene >> wendy: kim and kanye, i said he would never marry her. i said if they do, i will eat crow. i won't until the73rd day of their marriage and i want someone to come in and prepare it. why are you making this this on top of the stove and not in the o oven? >> they seem very happy together. just so you know. >> wendy: enough about them. >> anyway, so this is the way you do it when you can't do it outside. you want ribs, first blacken them in a pan like this, and th
ught about chris brown situation and he had some extremely intelligent and good advice. advice, don't punch people? > she's are youing in her knee high boots >> she runs like a phup it >> stop pun fping people in the face chris brown starring mike tyson? you got to get it together trouble ow you're in when mike tyson thinks you're in trouble. >> he was on the radio this new york and he had some extremely intelligent and chris brown. r but admire this little guy what he needses to understand eventually if you keep doing that stuff, man, people will you. on >> he said, he's selling out stadiums now just like i used to arenas, but eventually people didn't want to associate with me. >> they didn't want that stigma. have a mike tyson fight and people might get kill. translation, clean up your act, chris tpwroupb because mike about you orried >> if you get in these violent for this arrested violent, it's going to put him n the situation where he assaults people >> and in prison he won't have behind. guards to hide >> i need a big guy. come here. turn around. me chris brown. no!no, no, no,
know, chris brown is under anger management. i believe that's a step in the right direction. what are your thoughts on chris brown? >> what is rehabbing? "re"means to do again and h"hab is the behavior. >> he used to be the double mint kid. >> what's the cause? just like if you're doing drugged or alcohol. if you don't get to the cause, it's going stay. >> wendy: how's your life? are you in love? >> how's my life? >> wendy: you're the one who tauts me it's okay to break up with girlfriends and that was 15 years ago. >> i'm blessed and honored to say i have a gorgeous loving supportive healthy beautiful black man. >> wendy: is he young? is he younger or older? >> same age but well fit. >> wendy: good, good. >> i keep him quiet because there's pieces and parts of my life not everyone needs to know. >> wendy: i appreciate you sharing that little piece of tidbit. and it's nice to see you again. >> thank you, miss wendy. >>> up next from master chef junior, the kid chef alexander weiss is here. [ female announcer ] having grands biscuits in the morning is easy. pop them in, go about yo
, cooking on the inside and outside at the same time, ensuring that the outside is nice and brown while the inside is juicy and moist-- absolutely perfect. >> the nuwave, from a chef's perspective and a restauranteur and a chef instructor, is ingenious because it uses the three methods that we use with big, gigantic machines, condenses those methods, puts it in a small unit that the consumer can use then at home. it's brilliant. >> there's no preheat time, it heats up very, very quickly, so that does cut down a lot of time and extra energy. >> joe: plus, with extensive independent testing, it's been proven that the nuwave oven cooks up to 50% faster than a regular oven and-- get this-- uses up to 85% less energy too. >> the money you save on your electric bill alone can virtually pay for the nuwave itself. >> how does the nuwave make food so delicious while making it healthier? >> since the nuwave cooks inside and outside at the same time, more inner fat contents are released from the food, but it also seals in the natural juices. this ultimately reduces your fat intake, making all your
in the palm of my hand. you haven't blown 'em up enough. why have you chosen brown and gray balloons? they match the carpet. what is that? "it is your birthday," period. it's a statement of fact. not even an exclamation point? this is more professional. it's not like she discovered a cure for cancer. i can't believe how bad this looks. are you trying to hurt my feelings? because if so, you are succeeding. fortunately, my feelings regenerate at twice the speed of a normal man's. okay, good then. have you collected the money from everyone? i am working on it. how much do you have? $6. that's how much you and i contributed! i-- damn it, jim! i said i was working on it. [sighs] trying to see what cds she's got. it's good to know the deets about the girl you're wooing. eh...aha! feist. yes! whoa! [car alarm wails] aah, aah! [second alarm honks] [loud honking, wailing] no! oh, my god. oh, no. that is so awful. that is the worst news. i have to go. i have to do a presentation. i'll talk to you-- [michael sighs] this is going to be hard for me to speak today because i just learned that my fa
-cheese sandwiches perfectly browned evenly every single time? >> all thacheese is melted in there so delicious. >> perfectly melted. >> yeah. >> and i could have perfectly grilled steaks set at 350 degrees that give me a perfect medium-rare steak however you like it, and it's never going to burn. perfect pork chops. and not only pork chops. >> right. salmon, grilled vegetables, sausage -- perfect every time. >> and what if i told you when you fried your chicken, it was gonna be fried at the perfect temperature of 375 -- gently, perfectly, crispy, never soaking up too much oil. >> that's hard to do. >> in fact, that's the problem with the old stovetops, whether it's gas or electric. you can turn it up and down, but because you don't have precise control, you're going to get boil-overs. because you don't have precise control, you're going to burn the cereal on the bottom from time to time. and because you don't have precise temperature control, you can't help but burn a steak or a pork chop on your stove. you see, you're not the bad cook in the kitchen. the stovetop is the bad cook in the kitche
silver. and your colors are brown? and my colors are brown, yes. i wanted a different color for our tuxedos and for the bridesid dresses, but, misty said she couldn't find silver dresses, which i think is a lie. i think she just, kind of, did what she wanted to do. aah. (laughing) (announcer) misty may have gotten her way with the bridesmaid dresses, but, she may not be so fortunate, when it comes to her own wedding-day look. it's a little much, but... what's much? the eyeliner. you don't like the eyeliner on there? it looks good. it looks... kinda look like a raccoon. a raccoon? i'm not used to seeing you with a lotta eyeliner. i was very mad, when he said she has raccoon eyes. i worked really hard on her make-up, and she doesn't have raccoon eyes. (announcer) misty says "good-bye" to her cousin and goes to check herself out in the mirror, but, all she can see is what carlos put in her head. wow, i do think that's a lot of eyeliner! he was right. (announcer) coming up... megan unleashes the beast... sneaky little bastards need to pay attention me, right now! (announcer) ...for all
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Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10